Monday, November 21, 2011

☞ REVIVE: 753 St. Nicholas Avenue Unwrapped

The facade at 753 St. Nicholas Avenue has had its metal details wrapped in green plastic for most of the year but some construction equipment on site recently might mean that the new condo is close to finishing up. Most of the netting and scaffolding out front of the building at 148th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue had been removed earlier on but the facade just seemed to be in the same state for several months now.  Walking by this past weekend, we noticed that the top floor has already been unwrapped and that the lift stationed outside might just be for the construction crew to finish up removing the seal from the rest of floors.

This new construction called The Nicholas is in the landmark Sugar Hill section of Hamilton Heights and will have six floors, 11,500 square foot of space and 12 units total.  There's website up already for the development with a final sketch of the exterior and a few interior renderings:


  1. Wow !! This Building went up almost TOO fast !! I am happy to see these new "upgrades" going up !

  2. I almost prefer the green plastic. If you squint real hard, it looks like pretty tile. Not a fan of the cheap air conditioners and the metal siding. I'm guessing mixed income housing.