Wednesday, December 21, 2011

☞ REMEMBER: Daniel's Bar & Grill circa 1939

A photo from 1939 shows a lively street corner somewhere up on 143rd Street.  Daniel's Bar & Grill appears to have had quite an active corner on the street even in the evening hours.  Pedestrians, customers and a food cart can all be seen converging in front of the restaurant somewhere by one of the main avenues.  Does anyone have any more information on the location of Daniel's?

Sid Grossman, Federal Art Project, Street Scene in Harlem in Front of Daniel's Bar and Grill c.1939 via the digital collection at the Museum of the City of New York


  1. This corner does not look well lit, the only light here is the photographers flash bulb.

  2. Do you know what the cross street is?

  3. I found it. "2461" from the awning is the address. Unless they re-numbered the addresses, which I don't think they did, that'd mean it must be 2461 ACP/7th Ave, which is at the NE corner of 143rd Street.

    The current tenant is a double wide bodega, Remco, that uses 2463 as its address because it uses what used to be 2 storefronts. Look at the detailing on the 2nd floor windows and the fire escapes. Still there. Pretty great find!