Friday, January 20, 2012

☞ DRINK: Bleu Violin Arriving at 1400 Fifth

The former Ginger restaurant space at the 1400 Fifth Avenue reportedly will have a new tapas restaurant arriving soon and a reader submitted the second photo that just appeared out front of the commercial space.  Apparently the establishment planned for this corner of West 116th Street has been named Bleu Violin and will now be mainly a lounge.  This is a big space with about 3,000 square foot altogether so the spot will have to keep pretty busy during the week to be successful.  A website has been established for the new South Harlem venture but not much information can be found on the establishment at this point in time: LINK


  1. Welcome to the nabe! Was hoping some sort of trendy asian place would take the place of Ginger -I still think it can work, provided the quality is there, which it wasn't at Ginger, and prices are somewhat moderate. Curious what this place will be like.

  2. the Inspector Clouseau French does not inspire confidence

  3. It appears to be a night club and has already started to have run ins with the building residents as it was supposed to be a restaurant/lounge. Not sure how this will all pan out but we shall see.

  4. How about a pizzeria with a wood burning oven? Something casual and not too pricey.

    1. Bad horse pizza is pretty goodon on 8th ave

  5. @Harlem BBC:

    The Harlem historian part of me likes the idea of a night cub being so close to the site of the original Harlem World but the residents of that block have every right to be concerned IMO.

    You usually don't put dance clubs that close to where folks actually live.Then take into account that the place's clintele is prpbably gonna come from the surrounding projects and this could get really ugly.

    They might have been better served trying this at the old Gospel Uptown space.

    On the other hand, if this doesn't bring late night foot traffic into the area, I don't know what will.

    I hope this works out well for all concerned.