Wednesday, February 22, 2012

☞ REVIVE: 1343 Amsterdam's New Look

A Bespoke reader has been sending in updates on the old wood frame house at the corner of 125th Street and Amsterdam which has been going under renovations since November.  Scaffolding has been up on the  building that used to house a pizza and coffee joint below but now a new facade has been revealed.   See what the building looks like now after the jump.

It appears that No. 1343 Amsterdam has transformed into a modern stucco building of sorts with a vague resemblance of its old self. Multiple smaller windows have been combined to former contemporary, wider portals.  Our opinion would be that any renovation on 125th is great but somehow the original character of the building is lost here.  Check out our past post for the archival photo of this corner of West Harlem when the original cornice was intact: LINK

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