Friday, February 17, 2012

☞ REVIVE: Update on the Corn Exchange Building

A Times article reveals that the architectural firm selected in 2002 to restore the Corn Exchange Building on East 125th Street is now working on the reconstruction of the official New York City Landmark. As most know by now, the top floors of the buildings were reportedly unstable back in 2009 and had to be demolished but Danois Architects have once again been selected to design the restoration.  The article states that the $16 million new construction to be built on top of the old will include " 31,000 square feet of space, divided between retail (9,000 square feet) and office (22,000 square feet); nearly 1,000 square feet more than in the original structure." Danois apparently has a design already in place to present to the Landmarks Commission but it is yet known wether the newer design will be contextual to the original or if there will be a contemporary addition.  Read more in the New York Times: LINK

Top rendering courtesy of Danois Architect and Animation + Images


  1. I really hope the Corn Exchange returns to its former glory. Part of what makes Harlem special are the huge areas of fabulous over 100 year old architecture, the new buildings on 125th should not ignore this history.