Wednesday, February 22, 2012

☞ SEE: Savoring Harlem This Weekend

Friday, February 24th, 8:00 PM and Saturday, February 25th, 4:00 PM, Savoring Harlem on the Food Network.  There will be a special featuring Harlem's culinary legacy and newcomers airing nationally on the food network this weekend.  The cable network for foodies describes Harlem's changing dining scene as below on their site:

"Harlem is in the midst of an undeniable food revolution. Restaurateurs like Marcus Samuelsson have come to breathe new life into the food culture, while culinary institutions like Sylvia's have stayed true to their traditions and remain relevant and sought after in a new landscape. As the neighborhood undergoes another renaissance, opportunities for change are around every corner in the form of new restaurants and green markets. From Ethiopian to Italian to French and Spanish, virtually every type of cuisine makes Harlem a vibrant food destination."

More times for this weekend's Harlem episode can be found here: LINK.

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