Monday, March 12, 2012

☞ REVIVE: Harlem Churches in the News

An associated press article reports on how many Harlem churches are benefitting from the tourist boom that New York City has been experiencing.  Visitor who want to check out the classic gospel choir in action often outnumber church goers 5 to 1 and help pay for needed repairs by providing donations that the dwindling congregation have not been able to provide.  Rules of conduct printed out on pamphlets in several languages are often ignored but local churches tolerate the intrusion since it is now a part of the Sunday ritual that keep the institutions in business: LINK


  1. As a devout church goer and a former long term vestry member, [although my parish is in Chelsea], I know how much it costs to maintain churches, especially old buildings with old mechanics and old organs and old roofs. So the money is more than welcome. It is often essential.

    On the other hand, liturgy is everything. As a High Church Episcopalian I swear I would be so horrified to see people being disrespectful I would have to be restrained from bitchslapping someone. In an Anglican way, of course.

  2. As long as the coffers are filled.