Tuesday, May 22, 2012

☞ INTRODUCING: The Chipped Cup

West Harlem's Hamilton Heights has some great housing stock but better shops are just slowly coming into the retail scene.  The under construction Harlem Public pub on Broadway at 149th has everyone excited recently and now a new cafe called the Chipped Cup will be opening up in the area sometimes in June.  Apparently the address is top secret at this point but all clues point to the Broadway corridor somewhere north of the 145th Street subway station.  A Facebook site has been set up for now: LINK


  1. I would prefer below 145, but I'll take it! Excited about both of these new venues.

  2. My money's on the under construction spot right across 149th from Harlem Public

  3. Don't be picky, Gwin haha. I'll take anything west of Amsterdam at this point! We've got nothing. So excited for these two spots to open up!