Thursday, May 17, 2012

☞ INTRODUCING: Harlem Food Bar on Facebook

The Harlem Food Bar now has a Facebook site up with a sneak peek of the interior arriving at 2100 FDB/8th Avenue.  As far as modern aesthetics go, the painted mural with iconic Harlem imagery is a refreshing pop art background that has not graced any Harlem eatery so far and many are excited about this future restaurant opening by the corner of West 114th Street: LINK.  Check out the HFB facebook site and show your support: LINK

UPDATE:  The website is also up and the opening is on next Wednesday, May 23rd. Apparently another sidewalk cafe will also be debuting on the boulevard with this newcomer:


  1. Added the link to the official HFB website to the post. Opening will be next week on Wednesday.

  2. This is the price point that we have been screaming for and with such a basic menu the food should be excellent. I look forward to giving it a whirl. Welcome HFB!!!