Monday, May 21, 2012

☞ SHOP: Old School Awnings in Central Harlem

Old storefronts aesthetics are returning in Central Harlem and two of the most popular new businesses have been putting them to use during the brighter day of the season.  Lenox Coffee at 129th Street just opened six months ago and now has a striped black awning for the benches situated out front of the classic shop located around the corner from Lenox.  A nice touch to this particular awning can be found with the scalloped edges at the overhanging section at the front edge.

Walking by the busy Corner Social this weekend at 126th Street, we noticed that a contrasting white awning was pulled out to provide shade for the packed outdoor seating on Lenox during one of the warmest days of the season. These traditional type awnings are not only functional but also make the businesses more visible by visually extending the line of the storefronts further out onto to the sidewalk.


  1. Lenox Coffee is FANTASTIC! Really enjoy hitting this shop every Saturday (and when I can on other days). Excellent coffee and beautiful interior. Really really happy to have them in the area.

  2. In my opinion, LC (Lenox coffee) has to be the best executed interior of all Harlem eateries, (not that others are bad) and the striped awning is a perfect shop front addition. They seem to have done a remarkable job of reading the tea leaves (or coffee grounds) of what is needed in Harlem as they have really hit the spot. At LC despite being hidden on a side street, they are well known and a favorite of locals.

  3. Again in my opinion, the awning of CS (Corner Social) makes a great statement and offers real shelter for diners, however I prefer umbrellas, less practical but more charming. The outdoor lighting of CS could be improved as from a distance, it looks a little gloomy, and the right lighting could really give it a golden glow from afar. Maybe some lighting along the edge of the awning would make all the difference, but judging by CS’s success, they do not need to be more of a draw.

  4. westsider, you are spot on with LC. Not only is the interior up to par, the coffee is fantastic.

  5. One last comment to expand on what westsider (and Chris) said...

    Why is it that so many business have to have an overdone theme of some nature? LC and CS both offer a stylish and subtle approach to their interiors (and exteriors). I'm so tired of the overly themed places that keep popping up in Harlem (Auberge and that new nail place on Lenox near Settepani are just two examples that I recall from my walk to the train this morning). Oh, and Settepani does it right as well in my opinion.

    Sometimes Harlem feels a little like Orlando, Florida (but not in a good way).

    Just a general gripe. Way to go LC and CS (and Settepani and several others)!

  6. Oh I love that mail place. It looks like a bordello. But in a good way. If I were a mani pedi kinda gal I'd be there in a second.