Tuesday, June 19, 2012

☞ DWELL: Chanticleer House Still on Market

Raven Chanticleer's house in South Harlem is still up for sale after being purchased for $775K back in early 2011 and then placed back on the market by June of the same year.  Number 318 West 115th Street belonged to the late owner of the former African-American Wax Museum and was at that point going for  $1.99 million.  This 16 foot wide, 3,468 square foot townhouse right around the corner from FDB then had a price decrease of 27% this past December and now it is at $1.45 million and a Certificate of Non Harassment is reportedly in place. Check out more details and photos on Streeteasy: LINK.

Read more about Raven Chanticleer and what the house sold for in our past post: LINK


  1. why is it worth double of what it cost just months ago?

  2. I wonder why it sold for such a cheap price in the first place (assuming the interior is intact etc.). After that 'auction' debacle with the place on Lenox, I don't think I will ever understand Harlem real estate.

  3. Wow - what an unsightly combination of hubris and greed! It's an SRO so it probably needs a ton of work (especially if they're only just now getting the Cert. of NH). And, it's not like it's that difficult to look up the property records to figure out how much it last sold for and when. Personally not my style and don't know how much cache Raven Chanticleer carries (wax museum creep me out) but I guess time will tell. It'll be interesting to watch. I never thought the LEED house would sell for more than $2M so that shows what I know...