Tuesday, June 26, 2012

☞ INTRODUCING: More on Harlem Wine Gallery

We received a press release for the Harlem Wine Gallery that just opened on Sugar Hill and below are some highlights:

Harlem Wine Gallery is the brain-child of self described serial entrepreneur Ken Forte. The vision for Harlem Wine Gallery was borne out of Ken’s long held disappointment with the quality of retail stores in urban communities. “Retail business owners often underestimate the buying power that exists in our community. They also underestimate our ability to discern poor quality from high quality. Accordingly, there is a tremendous opportunity for retailers that provide superior goods and services at a competitive price”.

Rather than just talk about the problem Ken decided to take action. Each wine is carefully vetted before it hits the shelves. Attention to detail is made even more apparent by the creative layout of the wines. The racks are arranged by region, taste and cuisine. They also have free tastings and events several times a week.

The Art currently on display in the gallery is by New York based Guatemalan artist Juan Carlos Pinto, who for the past 10 years has been using discarded Metrocards to create vibrant mosaic portraits of cultural icons and local heroes. “His artwork comments on issues of social justice and environmental conservation with a visual aesthetic that emanates the expressive lushness of the ancient Mayan folklore traditions of his homeland.”

Harlem Wine Gallery, 752A St. Nicholas Avenue at 148th Street, (212) 281-9463, Open Daily from 1 - 10pm


  1. Such a great addition to the neighborhood! Welcome! More of these shops in Sugar Hill Please!

  2. My Girlfriend and I stopped through this place the other day. Absolutely LOVED IT! The owner is very passionate about his craft and the prices are very reasonable. He also said that he will have gallery openings/wine tastings occasionally (there was one last Friday) so we're very much appreciating this breath of fresh air in the neighborhood.

  3. And why do I suspect neither of the above comments to be totally real. Good luck to all new businesses but cut the hype.