Thursday, June 14, 2012

☞ REVIVE: 220 St. Nicholas Still Stalled

Construction started back in 2009 for the condo building at  220 St. Nicholas Avenue and West 121st Street but everything came to a standstill by the end of of 2010.  This 10-story condo South Harlem development tried to launch pre-sales of 6 units a couple of years ago but those have since been removed from the market according to Streeteasy: LINK.  We took the top photo in the past week and the site still does not have any activity on.  Bespoke readers have mentioned that the developer ran into some financial issues but now that quite a few new construction are selling out up town, one would think those would be resolved sooner than later. Does anyone have any other details on 220 St. Nicholas Avenue?


  1. If I had a few quid, I would take it over and get it finished. Seems like they are pretty close to the finish line.

  2. I talked to one of the guys who worked there and he said that both the developer AND bank went bankrupt; so the property & note are likely tied up in FDIC or other federal negotiation. Likely take another year or two to shake-out. I have seen several potential investors/buyers being given a tour but nothing seems to have stuck yet.