Tuesday, June 26, 2012

☞ VOTE: Primary Elections Today

Another primary election is at hand today and the media will be looking closely to see if there will be any changes in local Harlem politics for a major Congressional seat.  Governor Cuomo has stepped up to endorse incumbent Rep. Charles Rangel while the New York Times and Daily News has backed Clyde Williams who is a former Obama political aide.  As far as the New York Post is concerned, Dominican-born Sen. Adriano Espaillat should be a major contender based on the fact that the 15th Congressional District has been reconfigured to include parts of the Bronx: LINK


  1. Rangel is exactly what is wrong with politics, he has not had a "real" job in 40++ years he has no idea what it feels like to not have proper health insurance etc. Term limits that is what is needed no one should be allowed to have a "job" in politics.

    You should go do your duty and then after 2 or 3 terms get back to your chosen profession. Lifetime politicians are all corrupt and owned by the lobbyist.

  2. Never mind that Charles Rangel's suggestion to Bill Clinton that he locate his office in Harlem galvanized the current wave of building and renovation here. Forget that many citizens of Harlem can point to individual instances where their congressman came to their assistance over his 40 years in office. Forget the insult of describing serving as a congressional representative, with its endless arm-wrestling and struggle to get anything meaningful done, as not a "real" job. Let's even leave out that-unlike others who obviously feel they know better- the Constitution of the United States does not limit the service of U.S. congresspersons. Charlie Rangel lived in Harlem when Harlem was considered no place to live. He helped a lot of people and made this part of New York better. Though I wish he had decided to retire, and perhaps there are younger and less jaded candidates running against him, he does not deserve our casual scorn or to be described as "exactly what is wrong with politics."

  3. Valgb, yes he might have done these things but look at his abuses, this happens when you are in power too long and therefore that is exactly what is wrong with politics.

  4. Harlem BBC, I don't want to argue,especially with you, because I generally agree with your posts. I just felt the need for some balance, here. I think Rangel's abuses generally harmed Rangel more than his constituents.

  5. Valgb no argument, I just hold this opinion not only of Rangel but of all career politicians. Why is it that they go to Washington making 100K a year and come back millionaires. Rangel gets the brunt of my ire because he is my congressman. I feel the same about all of them who have been there more than 3 terms. They all go with great speeches and intentions and most end up in disgrace.

    Congress is in total need of new blood to get things done.

    In fact I think that there should be IQ test as well as other test to go to the hill, way too many idiots there.