Thursday, July 26, 2012

☞ BESPOKE: African Prints at Cassava Leaf Boutik

Prints and color are a key fashion trend of the season and African textiles are now looking fresh again with bold colors that can be used for the home.  We noticed Cassava Leaf Boutik at the recent Harlem Arts Festival in Mount Morris Park and marveled at the collection of updated ethnic prints that were the main design elements of the custom pillows and soft furnishings.  For the time being, the Cassava Leaf home collection can be purchased via Estsy for those who are interested: LINK

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  1. They're beautiful. I've been meaning to buy some fabric and make my own cushions, but I's also have to buy a sewing machine. I'd much rather buy some already made by someone with some real sewing skills. Thanks for sharing this shop.