Wednesday, September 26, 2012

☞ SHOP: Sushi Chain Coming to Harlem

A sign has gone up on the shop under renovation at 125th Street between ACP/7th Avenue and Lenox that has now announced the arrival of Sarku Japan.  A quick online search shows that Sarku is the largest take out sushi chain in the states and thus maybe a good fit for the more affordable commercial element of the 125th Street corridor. More details on Sarku Japan can be found on the sushi franchise's official website: LINK


  1. Most of their locations are in mall food courts, but they seem to be making an attempt to open stand-alone restaurants now with expanded menus. They just opened one on Bergenline Ave in West New York, NJ, which is a busy commercial street with lots of pedestrian traffic much like 125th:

    Hopefully they have later hours than Charlie's Place on Madison. I'm always rushing to pick up takeout after work before they close for the night.

  2. This is on 125th Street's north side which was not so clearly stated previously.

  3. But isn't this the car park that's to be torn down?

    1. This is a couple doors east from the entrance to the parking lot. I for one am glad that there is more variety of quick lunch/take-out populating. 125th street.Hopefully the slated Red Lobster and Joe's crabshack will also have good lunch opportunities. The more the merrier.

  4. For once,I'm looking forward to one of the new places opening in Harlem. Looks like a Japanese fast food McDonald's type format. Which means, it'll be affordable to the other eighty or ninety percent of us. I just hope that they hire some local young people. I know that Jado Sushi made a promise to hire some locals when they were trying to get their liquor license approval through the Community Board. And I know because I was the one who pose the question to them from the floor at the time. However though, I'm not sure if they kept their promise or not. I walked by the first week they opened and it did not look like any locals were working there. Also,I saw their job postings on the internet asking for applicants who spoke Japanese. Does anyone know if they've hired any young people from the community? When new businesses hire from within the community(like Red Rooster did),the rest of us feel like we have a stake in the success of the so called "New Harlem" often promoted here. And it prevents a "Us" and "Them" mentality from forming.

    FYI. For years one of my favorite places was Yoshinoya, another Japanese fast food place in Times Square before it closed a year ago. I just hope that Sarku will benefit both the owners and the community.