Friday, October 26, 2012

☞ EAT: Specialty Sandwiches at Harlem Public

Food service is in full gear at the Harlem Public in Hamilton Heights and the offerings are surprisingly good.  We ventured out a couple of times this week to try some of the notable sandwiches which included the loaded grilled cheese.  This hip update to the classic comes with the requisite melted cheese and then it's all stuffed with homemade chunky guacamole, thick cut bacon and crushed Doritos all sandwiched between two substantial slices of crusty bread.

On a previous outing (some of us happen to hang out at this corner of 149th and Broadway several times during the week) we tried the best seller which is the peanut butter burger.  The thick patty for this order is made from a freshly grounded house blend of beef and comes with brown sugar bacon, melted New York cheddar and a generous slather of peanut butter between the toasted bun.  Our out of town guest mentioned that the burger sounded all wrong but tasted just right.

Both burger and sandwiche included fries and was served up for $11.95 which was okay since they were rich enough to split between two people.  We also give Harlem Public high points for great service which is something many new restaurant or bars struggle with uptown.  For more on Harlem Public, check out our past post: LINK

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