Wednesday, October 24, 2012

☞ REVIVE: Lights on at 220 St. Nicholas

A Bespoke reader mentioned that the lights over at the stalled 220 St. Nicholas condo development in South Harlem have been turned on at night and wondered what was going on.  New permits have not been posted on the DOB website yet for this building at West 121st Street but one commenter reported that a new team has stepped in to turn around the project.  Architects have reported been seen on site along with a cleanup crew.  Does anyone have any more details on 220 St. Nicholas?


  1. No insights but would be thrilled to see that scaffolding come down. When my son and I use the 125th stop it's a bitch to get his wheelchair through there and if we want to swing up and over to 8th to go to Best Buy it makes a difficult crossing worse.

  2. I'm sure the news of WholeFoods arriving on 125th has stoked a bit of interest.

  3. Great news! It was time. Hope it makes life easier for all of us and helps the beautification of the hood.