Thursday, November 29, 2012

☞ DRINK: What's Up with Body Lounge?

The club called Body Lounge just north of 135th Street and 12th Avenue has been shuttered for some time now but it looks like they might be opening again in the near future. New signs had been placed out front during our last visit to this industrial part of West Harlem and the doors were partially open.  Does anyone have a tip on what's going on here?


  1. This place is bad news. I know the owners of Covo want to see another business besides a late night party spot for Harlem's underworld. This place would be perfect for an art gallery or a huge beer hall. Or maybe both? Covo still does a great business so people will come out of their way for a great experience.

  2. Totally agree, William. Love Covo. Hate the low-rent club nonsense over there. It's like Baton Rouge, Louisiana at night. I feel bad for Covo every time I'm over that way.

    1. So you want to push the "low- rent" people out of the area, well that is what is going on right? It might not be to your taste, but the folks that you are talking about have lived here probably much longer than you have. Would you like it if someone came to wherever you are from and told your family to get out because you are too "low-rent"?... whatever that means.

  3. This place is a disaster. Went to Covo the other night and this place had valets who took all parking spots and wanted a 20 to park the car. Lucca at Covo was out of his mind and he's not getting any help from the community board eithe

  4. Pipe down, Guest (#1). I'm talking about the jackasses who loiter and generally act like morons. I don't know how long they've lived anyplace (nor do I care, really), and this has nothing to do with pushing anyone out.

    Morons are morons, and the nitwits who hang out at this completely lame disaster of a "club" aren't doing anyone any favors (including, I suspect, the "club" itself, with their difficulties, likely caused by the drinking (and burning) behind parked cars.

    Nuance in language is your friend. One of the meanings of low-rent is "lacking taste or refinement." Another relates to "low moral character." See Body Lounge for evidence.

    Don't be so defensive, especially if you don't even understand what I write.

  5. I have not been over that way in quite some time, did not even know it had closed. I just know that the crowd was always a bit more than aggressive.

  6. The reviews on Yelp pretty much say it all...

  7. The Yelp reviews are a blast, timbs, guns, drinking from hennessey bottles, fights, this place is ghetto.