Tuesday, November 20, 2012

☞ REMEMBER: Amsterdam & 144th circa 1910

An amazing image from 1910 shows a view of Hamilton Heights that was apparently quite majestic for the time period.  This section looking south on Amsterdam Avenue at 144th Street could be straight out of Paris but some modern alterations have changed this perception.  The lower photo shows the block today and most of the ornamental details on the top of the central building has now been removed and any romantic notions to the structure has been lost.

Archival photo courtesy the digital collection at the Museum of the city of New York


  1. wow. that doesn't even look like the same building.

  2. All-
    I'm new to the site, are ppl still visiting this site? I just happened upon it one day, and I have been going through all of the archives. I am actually using this site as research becuase I want to move to NY from DC. I am looking at Harlem or Brooklyn. But this site makes me want to live in Harlem!
    I just don't want to end up talking to myself, lol.
    Anyway, Ulysses, great site, great job. Thanks!

    1. Welcome. Ulysses does a great job of informing and moderating.

  3. This building is a shadow of its former self, the lost details especially the ornate roof make a huge difference in this buildings appearance. I like the other elements in this photo showing everyday life, the street car and the lady with her parasol.

  4. I live in Central Harlem. Just moved into a new luxury rental on 137th and I love it. It's not amazing but we're working on it. :)

  5. Hi all it is nice to have others comment as well. Thanks for the welcome.
    @bq. Why isnt it amazing and what more needs to be done?

  6. I just moved to Central Harlem from East Village. I visit this blog everyday to check out what is evolving in the hood and what it use to stand as in its glory days. Everyday Harlem is getting stronger. I suggest everyone to look up here. It won't get healthier without more money spenders.

  7. @guest. what is east village like? when you say money spenders are you talking about buyers vs renters? I don't think I can afford to buy in NYC. The coop/condo fees are 600-1000 on TOP of your mortgage!! Is everyone broke up there? Those brownstones sure are sweet but out of my price range.

  8. LuvKaya as a former East Villager I can tell you that the cramped spaces and streets of the East Village do not hold a candle to Harlem.

    Like any other area in NYC Harlem has sections that are more developed than others. The Hamilton Heights area is fantastic with it's wonderful architecture but is just getting more recognizable retail and the like.

    I think you will find Harlem a rich place to live culturally, from a spacial point of view and from a diversity point of view as well.

    Harlem I am sure would be all the richer with you here as well. So in anticipation of you joining this vibrant community welcome!!

  9. Although the east village has undergone many minor changes, it has remained much the same neighborhood over the last decade. In contrast, Harlem has undergone a huge transformation in this last decade and continues to improve. One of the great benefits of living in Harlem is to be part of a rapidly improving part of Manhattan. The only other neighborhood that rivals Harlem in terms of rate of change is Williamsburg.

  10. I love it up here. I see HUUUUGE potential. My neighbor and I go to a local bar down the street (we're both gay males) and chit chat with the locals with ease. There are some great restaurants popping up rather quickly around 127th/Lennox and slowly creeping up to my part of the hood on 137th. I vote for moving here.

    East Village is overpriced and as said above... CRAMPED.

  11. @westsider, but let's hope it never actually gets to be like williamsburg.