Tuesday, November 13, 2012

☞ REVIVE: 241-245 Lenox Avenue

It took a a few years but the landmark brownstones at 241-245 Lenox Avenue have now all finally been restored.  This row of townhouses just north of 122nd Street were abandoned until the owner was pressured by the city to restore them.  Demolition by Neglect laws for landmark buildings gives the city the right to sue a property owner who have failed to maintain their buildings and luckily was applied to this particular situation.  These three homes now have retail shops on the lower levels and one store has already opened.  The west side of the Mount Morris Park Historic District is now pretty complete but there are still a couple of buildings on the east side of the avenue that needs some attention: LINK


  1. Now let's get those buildings on the east side of Lenox just south of Settepani renovated. Those could be gorgeous!

  2. Why was my comment removed?!

    1. Working on this issue. Not sure what happened.