Wednesday, November 14, 2012

☞ REVIVE: Another Rejection at 721 St. Nicholas

                                                               Rendering courtesy Franklin Associates
Number 721 St. Nicholas Avenue at West 146th Street went for round two in front of the Landmark Preservation Commission and it did not go well.  Apparently the developer wants to add on another floor to the building by adding an extra level but the too modern addition had LPC shaking their heads.  It's back to the digital drawing board for this renovation with the suggestion of focusing on building any new structures towards the back of the building.  In our opinion, the developer should go to an architecture firm that has rebuilt landmarks in the past such as Danois who is working on the reconstruction and additional levels of the Corn Exchange Building on 125th Street: LINK

Check out more of what LPC has to say about the matter in the City Land article: LINK


  1. This makes no sense. This building is abandoned and has crack heads hanging out in front. ANYTHING is an improvement. This is the problem with Harlem, nothing moves forward because too many obstacles. Before you know it, the building will be condemned and then tore down because they kept waiting and waiting. Renovate this NOW!

    Let me guess - crazy Michael Adams is on this committee, right?

    1. Wrong! Please do a bit of homework before slinging mud on someone who knows more about Harlem's architectural history than you and I ever will.
      The decision to send this back to the drawing board came from the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) not some local committee and no, Michael Henry Adams is not on the LPC.
      It is refreshing to see that the LPC rejected this third rate design. Harlem deserves better.

  2. If the upper floor had windows in proportion to the rest of the building, it would look much better, and most importantly, not take away from the buildings character, maybe even get a passing grade from LPC. But judging from the comments, LPC seems impossible to please.