Thursday, November 15, 2012

☞ SHOP: Maison Martin Margiela at H&M 125th

The muched hyped Maison Martin Margiela collection arrived at the H&M 125th Street today with not much fanfare.   Signs outside had color coded line tickets for crowd control but lines were lacking at 10:00 AM this morning.  There were also a couple of DJ's present along with several shop helpers in white aprons setting up the collection within the two level retail space that only had a handful of customers perusing the wares.  We went straight up to the menswear on the second floor and had a hard time finding the Margiela pieces since the assortment was so limited at this point in time.

There was a rack with the painted jeans in white or red, a black sports jacket and a flannel grey wool jacket offering.  A chunky navy sweater with contrast hand seam stitches hung at an adjacent wall and a few boxes of bracelets were also stacked nearby in minimalist white boxes.  The breadth of the collection is much larger but it does not appear the 125th store has everything in stock at this early hour.  With that said, these are very special pieces from a well respected label in the industry that offers a more avant garde view in fashion for those who want a more directional wardrobe.

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