Friday, November 16, 2012

☞ SHOP: Soup Factory Replaces Chill Berry

A Bespoke reader mentioned that Chill Berry frozen yogurt at 131st and Lenox apparently has changed into Soup Factory.  We are not sure if this will be just a seasonal transition or a permanent switch since yogurt in the winter time does not make much sense.  About four years ago, this used to be the location of Soup Man which eventually shuttered so it is interesting that another soup joint will be arriving at this shop.  Does anyone have additional details on Soup Factory?


  1. I can share a convo that I had on Tues afternoon: I purchased my frozen yogurt and inquired about the new, empty display in the center of the space and was told that they will offer soups & chili this winter. Was told that the owner is working on this and the new location (old Posh Paws Space on 8th Ave). I got the sense that the Lenox Ave space was supplementing their offering as opposed to eliminating frozen yogurt

  2. This location was originally a soup place a few years ago.

  3. Update: Chill Berry/Soup Factory will also offer sandwiches and salads in addition to hot soups and frozen yogurt beginning Mon, Dec 26th