Thursday, December 27, 2012

☞ BESPOKE: Best New Storefront 2012

Harlem Bespoke will be reviewing the best of the best in Harlem for 2012 starting with our pick for top storefront. The Corner Social in Central Harlem took an old derelict retail corner on 129th Street at Lenox and transformed it into a classic dining spot that looks to have existed there all along. Harlem's century old buildings have rarely seen this sort of contextual design of their commercial facades in the past few decades and the Corner Social has achieved a look that most trendy downtown establishments are going for.  Dark wood paneling along with classic windows frame the lower part of the restaurant while the upper portion has a classic awning with the appropriate signage mounted at top.  All the locals seem to agree with the inviting nature of the eatery since it has been packed daily since it opened this past March and proves that going a little retro goes a long way.

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  1. Agreed, Corner Social seems like it was always there, but in fact transformed a persistently neglected and abused block into something remarkable.