Monday, December 3, 2012

☞ REVIVE: Former Lafayette Theater Demolition

A Bespoke reader mentioned that there was more construction activity over at the church that used to be the former Lafayette Theater in Central Harlem.  Rumors have been circulating on how the property has been sold and will eventually be a condo with a church located within.  From what we can see thus far, this appears to be happening sooner than later.  DOB permits for 2227 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Boulevard/7th Avenue has it that the central church building will be completely demolished.

This was originally called the House Beautiful because the Lafayette was seen as such a remarkable piece of architecture and cultural center in Harlem but for some reason was never landmarked.  The church that purchased the block modernized the facade in the 90s and has now moved on with a reportedly large real estate transaction.  Check out an old photo of this block located between 131st and 132nd Street in our past post:  LINK

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  1. Very sad, this historic building has been steamrollered by recent progress in Harlem that pays no regard to history. In hindsight this building should have been landmarked.