Tuesday, January 15, 2013

☞ DWELL: 2130 ACP Condos Convert to Rentals

2130ACP was originally a new condo development but now all the units have gone rental.  Roseland Property Management Company over the property at 2130 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard at 127th back in November and the development is now 53% leased.

Leasing for 2130ACP apartments start at 1 bedroom for $2525, 2 bedrooms for $3430-$4900 and 3 bedrooms with private terrace at $5715.  For more rental details and interior photos, go to the building's official website: www.2130ACP.com 


  1. $2500 for a one bedroom?!?!? Jeez!

  2. This is a shame. Since condo demand will be up next year. Supply is low and demand is high. Condos and coops assure people take an active part in making sure their neighborhood remains safe and clean.

    Homeownership is essential in the Harlem community if we are to continue to make Harlem safer and cleaner.

  3. A significant number of Americans owe their generational homeownership to the GI bill, which provided a mechanism for soldiers to enter the housing market after WWII, among other things.

    I wholeheartedly concur that ownership can make a difference but what do you do when ownership is clearly out of reach and there is no mechanism to bring it within reach for the individuals and families in the community in question?

    There is an entire infrastructure that makes home ownership possible, which includes but is not limited to education, incentive and opportunity; it is conspicuously absent in Harlem. Without it, homeownership is a folly.

  4. I just think that it's a nice looking building but happens to be in an immediate area that makes buying a condo not such a great investment..

  5. I noticed these when they were still for sale. The maintenances were absolutely through the roof.

  6. @Anon: If you are paying rents of $2500+ I'd say you are pretty darn well invested in the neighborhood in your own right.

    But here the thing with that building: On one side there is a vacent lot and a Muslim school. One the other, the PJ's. And its facing a demolished row of commercial real estate.

    I find it hard to believe that they are even 53% leased.

    I might pay $2500 for a one bedroom apartment but not on that block.

  7. This is a really nice building for a rental, it's actually worth checking out.

  8. It is ridiculous what they are offering for the price. I have seen buildings that are beautiful but you can only make 72, 000 for 1 person. It is crazy that you work to save to afford housing and now I make $800 too much!
    Will I ever be able to own in my neighborhood that I love?