Thursday, January 31, 2013

☞ SHOP: Hookah Lounge Arriving in South Harlem

A Bespoke reader just sent in the above photo which reveals what the new establishment at West 121st Street will be.  A hookah lounge called Zoe Cafe will be opening just around the corner from FDB/8th Avenue at a site of a former bodega.  There is definitely a hookah trend that is happening in the city but the awning for this new business seems more on the moderate side so we are not sure how this one will turn out.


  1. What happened to the hardware store?!

  2. I just visited this place and the customer service is HORRIBLE!!! The hookah is cheap in quality and the owner tried to rip us off!!! They treated us very poorly and were unapologetic. I would never go back and would say this is quite possibly the worst hookah lounge and most unsanitary that I have ever visited.