Friday, January 4, 2013

☞ SHOP: Scotty's Antiques will Shutter

Scotty's antique shop has been in South Harlem for quite some times but now it appears this local store will go out of business because of rent increases.  Scaffolding recently went up around the shop on Hancock Place just west of St. Nicholas Avenue but we also noticed this week that new signs have been posted on the facade.  It now appears that Scotty's has lost its lease and everything must now be sold off.  There are a not a lot of antique shops in this part of Harlem so Scotty's will definitely be missed.


  1. I never knew about this place. What is the address? I'd like to check them out before they close.

  2. Oh no. This is a real shame. Shopped here many times and it was always fascinating to see what they would have in stock. Very sad.