Tuesday, February 19, 2013

☞ EAT: Asian Restaurants in Greater Harlem

A Bespoke reader mentioned that they were moving from the Upper West Side to West 120th Street and noticed the lack of Thai restaurants in Harlem.  The only proper Thai restaurant in Harlem is located on the East Side but Morningside Heights has one also.  The new arrivals also wanted to know what other asian eateries could be found uptown so here is our round up of recommended spots:

East Harlem
Gong Thai,  173 East 99th Street,  between Lexington and 3rd Avenue. Gong is a charming spot on a side street within East Harlem's borders but probably more difficult to get to from South Harlem: LINK

Morningside Heights
Thai Market, 960 Amsterdam, between 107th and 108th Street. Thai Market is on a bustling restaurant section of Amsterdam Avenue just south of Harlem's borders so should be an easy trip for most in Central or West Harlem: LINK

Mill Korean,  2895  Broadway at  113th Street.  This cozy restaurant serves up solid Korean home cooking with quick service: LINK

South Harlem
Jado Sushi,  2118 Frederick Douglass Boulevard at 114th Street.  Jado on FDB is the only Japanese owned restaurant in Harlem so it is our top choice for sushi above 110th Street and is the largest out of all the eateries listed: LINK

West Harlem
Jin Ramen, 3183 Broadway, south of 125th Street.  Jin in Manhattanville is not run by a Japanese staff but has some pretty impressive noodles and holds up to some of the more notable ramen shops downtown: LINK


  1. Your forgetting the habachi spot on Amsterdam Ave and 123 I forget the name

    1. Nikko? Their interior is really pretty (nice date spot), but the food/service has been kind of variable in my experience. I've never gotten hibachi, though.

  2. There are a few other asian restaurants in Harlem but the above are the recommended establishments.

  3. Thai Market is great. Good recommendation!

  4. Not counting Chinese grease joints, there are very few Asian restaurants in Harlem proper. Most of the ones mentioned are really in Morningside Heights and that's a different animal than Harlem. Jin Ramen is great though.

  5. Nikko 123rd & Amsterdam
    Columbia Cottage 112 & amsterdam
    Wondee Siam 108 Amsterdam
    Doaba Deli 107 Columbus is an excellent Indian
    other that there is certainly a shortage

  6. In defense of the staple Chinese takeout, I have found Red Star at Adam Clayton Blvd and 123rd to have freshly cooked tasty dishes. It does count as Asian food but the seating is very limited. I think Red Star has other locations in Harlem.

  7. This is a wonderful roundup. Thank you HarlemBespoke for such a thorough and very helpful answer to my question. Looking forward to giving each one of these restaurants a try as soon as we're moved in. Thanks!

  8. I consider most of the places mentioned above to be on the Upper West Side. They don't deliver to my block in Harlem.

  9. I loooove Thai Market (I'm a little obsessed with the daikon cake there) but wish they delivered to where I live! There are some Thai restaurants in the UWS that do deliver further uptown, which is nice, but they're of kind of okay-ish quality and offer pan-Asian options.

    But seriously, what I wouldn't give for a closer, good (vegetarian-friendly) Thai restaurant!! Definitely a market gap in West Harlem, so potential restaurant investors, think about it...