Thursday, March 21, 2013

☞ DWELL: 200 Edgecombe in Contract

We had a review on the rare wood frame house at 200 Edgecombe a week ago and now that townhouse in contract. Harlem has very few wood frame houses remaining and 200 Edegcombe Avenue had just arrived on the market last month for $850K (top photo).  The 2-family home has been gutted and the interior frames have been set up but plumbing, electrical, and new walls will have to be added along with the new interior details. Part of the work is already done and the location is just below the 145th Street commercial hub by Jackie Robinson Park.  Express subways are less than a five minute walk away.  Check out what  the interior looks like on Streeteasy: LINK

Properly restored wood frame houses like the Brooklyn one seen in the lower photo is a rare site uptown.  A contrast wood siding color along with white trims (cornice, window frames, door details) add to curb appeal and all will have to be replaced for the Edgecombe home to be brought back to its original glory.  Property with part of the work finished and going for under a million have been selling quickly in Harlem this year and hopefully the new owners will restore this one correctly if they want to maximize the home value.

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