Wednesday, April 24, 2013

☞ EAT: The Amsterdam Social in West Harlem

We received some news from the owners of the new Tapas bar that will open in Hamilton Heights called the Amsterdam Social.  Folks should expect the eatery at 1768 Amsterdam to open by early summer if all goes well and this will be the first better establishment on to set up in this commercial section of Harlem located two blocks north of 145th Street.  The Amsterdam Social is located just an avenue over from the wildly popular Harlem Public so folks should expect this sleepy enclave to wake up a little in the upcoming months.  Check out the renovation process of the Amsterdam Social on their official Facebook site and make sure to "like" them to show support: LINK


  1. More great news for this section of Hamilton Heights. We need all the restaurants/bars we can get!

  2. Please please please - tell me that since there is a photo of a trumpet in the logo, that means Jazz playing there. That would be awesome!

  3. This looks great! Can't wait.