Friday, June 14, 2013

☞ INTRODUCING: ConEd Menu at The Grange

The new gastropub at Amsterdam and 141st Street has debuted a ConEd Menu since they are patiently waiting for the gas to finally turn on in the kitchen but have brilliantly rose to the occasion by making use of an electric oven for food service.  In the meantime, folks can expect savory small bites that don't require a lot of heat being offered up at the bar.  We braved the storm last night to catch up with an old friend and tried out the substantial cheese plate along with the amazing deviled eggs with caviar which were quite on point.

Another guest had ordered the charcuterie plate which looked like the most meaty offering but we had eaten dinner already and thus will try it the next time around.  Check out more food photos on The Grange's Facebook site and add a like to the page to show support if you have not done so already: LINK

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