Wednesday, July 10, 2013

☞ DWELL: A New Harlem Townhouse Record

We were just writing about 2036 Fifth Avenue this week since the house was asking for a record price and now the papers have reported that the Central Harlem brownstone has sold for $4 million.  The substantial townhouse located just north of 125th Street was asking for $3.99 million and had been in contract for the past few months.  As the article suggests, this really is a price that trendy brownstone neighborhoods such as Park Slope in Brooklyn are used to and this new record is just indicative of the demand for brownstones uptown.

What the article does not really reflect on is that Harlem is still a vibrant, multi-cultural neighborhood while Park Slope has turned into the typical demographic for a gentrified neighborhood.  As Harlem continues to change, folks should not expect a version of Park Slope but probably a diverse brownstone neighborhood such as Fort Green is a better comparison.

Read more about this record selling house in the Daily News: LINK


  1. Remarkable price and congratulations to the buyer and seller. Also this is not in one of the commonly regarded prized blocks, Mount Morris Historic District, Strivers Row and it is still a record breaker. At $4 million and 8,000 square feet is still only $500 per square foot, a good deal compared to downtown.

  2. As for Harlem’s future, I hope Harlem does not become another beautiful but sterile Park Slope but rather still keeps it’s unique character, with both stunning architecture and cultural identity, I think both are in Harlem’s future.

  3. While this is a stunning home, and well done to the seller and buyer, I do not think this is 8000 square feet. As I recall this house is 20 feet wide. Unless it is 80 feet long, it's not 8000 square feet, not to mention the duplex cannabilizes some space on the parlor floor. I've seen this over and over with listings. They may be counting the cellar space. It would be nice if there was more accuracy in these listings so we could get a better sense of true square footage and price per square foot!

  4. Simple math, 20 ft wide x 50 ft deep (standard depth) x 5 floors (basement, parlor and three floors above, not including the cellar) = 5,000 square feet. Also, a lot of square footage is lost on each floor plate due to the stair case.