Thursday, August 29, 2013

☞ INTRODUCING: Artist & Craftsman Supply

Several Bespoke readers have been raving about the new Artist & Craftsman Supply shop at ACP/7th Avenue by 126th Street so we checked it out recently.  For those who need any arts supplies of any sort, this place is veritably awesome!  The top floor has a cafe and one walks down a funky spray painted stairway to one of the largest art emporium spaces that one will ever run into.

There apparently is an Artist & Craftsman set up in Brooklyn already and this is probably why the entire 8,000-square-foot loft space looks like it should be a venue for some underground dance party.  Besides the expected paint, marker and drawing supplies, one can buy stretched canvases or even marble blocks for sculpting.  A friend also mentioned that there is apparently 350 colors of glitter to choose from also at Artist & Craftsman.  Prices are competitive so a trip downtown to Blick or Utrecht will no longer be needed for designers and artists living uptown.


  1. Cool.

    The cafe is a recent (but funky) new addition.

    I don't think it was even there 2 weeks ago.

  2. Looks fabulous! I live 2 blocks away. Will check out the cafe part especially :)

  3. This is truly something to rave about. No need to go downtown or wait for an order online. The outdoor space is a nice spot too. Can't say enough about how glad to have them here.