Friday, August 30, 2013

☞ INTRODUCING: Hot Bread Kitchen Challah

The Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah starts up next week and East Harlem's Hot Bread Kitchen has introduced Challah Turbans for the holidays.  Hot Bread Kitchen is a local non-profit that teaches immigrant women the art of artisanal baking so they can start up their own businesses but also sells the delicious baked goods to local restaurants.  A main baking center is located at La Marqueta at Park and 116th along with the Almacen which is the their retail shop that will be selling the bread.  Come by this great East Harlem bakery and get some artisanal Challah for the holidays!  More details on HBK at the official website: LINK

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  1. For those who are more familiar with the braided challah: The Jewish New Year is always marked by the kind of round challahs pictured here, to suggest the cycle and season of life. Even with the large and diverse communities of Jews that Harlem included a century ago, challah was something that was made at home--you got your bagels in the bakery. So this development is a bit "something old/something new."