Monday, September 9, 2013

☞ EAT: Cantina Debuts in Harlem

Cantina at 112th and ACP/7th Avenue apparently opened this weekend. We were able to swing by on Sunday and checked the new Mexican eatery.  On arrival our first impression was that the front end of Cantina is more like a sports bar with a big television screen on display but some nice banquet seating in the back provides a more private space for diners.  Next up was ordering a quick drink at the bar and a taste of the starter menu.

We had a couple of substantial tacos marinated with pineapple which was more of a pulled pork than the traditionally sliced meats found in East Harlem.  Everything else on the menu is pretty straightforward with the usual selection which also includes burritos. Drinks are pretty strong and prices are on the moderate side at around $10 for the most part.  There were also a couple of specialty entrees which included a lobster enchilada for $19 which we did not try out for this particular evening. Cantina is a great addition to this formerly quiet section of the avenue and is definitely more on the casual dining side but with a slight upgrade.


  1. I loved the Taco platter. 4 tacos for 2 people. good choice to try 4 different flavors. I did not like the Cantina Margarita, it tasted mix-like. I would suggest upgrade on the Tequila.

  2. We ate here on Saturday evening. Good vibe: casual.
    Friendly staff.
    Tacos were good especially the pineapple & pork and the lobster. Drinks needed much help.
    WE ordered Margaritas and even with a tequila upgrade we were disapointed.
    We are happy to have this addition to the neighborhood and will try it again.