Thursday, December 19, 2013

☞ ARCHITECTURE: Artimus Selected for 110th

We have been receiving messages for the past week on the closed gas station at 110th Street on FDB and it turns out one developer with some history in Harlem has already been chosen for the site.  As many might remember, the city owns the land and took it back from the gas station owner with the goal of 80/20 market/affordable housing.  Artimus is now responsible for building something worthy of this part of Central Park but have been most notable for their monolithic Fifth on The Park (photo) by Marcus Garvey Park.  DNAinfo has more details on the story but nothing proposed at this point as far as architecture: LINK

Architecture uptown has been pretty much on the moderate side in recent decades and we were hoping for something more ambitious like one of the original proposal for this corner: LINK


  1. my goodness. what is wrong with the city? An 80/20 building adjacent to Central Park???? This should be an A class building no doubt!

  2. Affordable housing for a building that sits across from the park is misguided. This will either work in 2 ways.

    1. Someone who is middle income will get the ultimate lottery and be able to buy something for 250K that is worth 1.5M, I believe this is unlikely as the subsidy would be too great in totality. The purpose of affordable housing should not be to mint millionaires.

    2. Someone who is higher income who can afford a 1M apartment will get a lottery spot to buy a 1.5M apartment for 1.1M, I believe this is a more likely scenario. I think the city subsidizing someone who is relatively well off to be able to buy an apartment on the park instead of up 2 blocks is a poor use of city funds.