Thursday, December 5, 2013

☞ BESPOKE: Best New Interior 2013

Vinateria on 119th by FDB/8th Avenue gets our vote for Best New Interior for a restaurant in 2013.  This Italian eatery is actually one of our contenders for the Best Restaurant of 2013 but the interior is the one thing that definitely stands out more so than the others this year.  Vinateria has an innovative recycled decor that mixes old and new which is something that has not been seen before uptown.  New zinc tables are mixed in with vintage milk glass pendant fixtures and brightly hand painted Thonet bentwood chairs. Other finishes are decidedly modern updates such as the matte black hex tiles used instead of the traditional white and the gilding in the windows which is silver instead of gold.  This acknowledgement of the past in an unexpected modern way is the reason why Vinateria is the obvious Bespoke choice for most updated space in Harlem for the year.


  1. Barawine, The Grange and Mountain Bird were the big contenders alongside Vinateria. Cheri would have been on the list also but has not opened yet.

  2. Vineteria is a great atmosphere, I think this is the absolute best, and it is so perfect for a romantic date, whereas we found Barawine to be so loud.

  3. I prefer a restaurant that creatively uses restored pieces as I know this takes talent and hard work, the resulting interior cannot be manufactured. Regardless, we are fortunate to have so many dining options compared with a few years ago, and even more privileged to live in a neighborhood that is constantly improving with more restaurants.