Wednesday, December 18, 2013

☞ EAT: Harlem Indian Restaurants of 2013

Harlem had a big year for Indian restaurant openings since four establishments have debuted and one more is on its way.  Below is the 2013 recap of new Indian eateries in the nabe:

Red Chili Cafe: located on 116th just west of Lenox.  Festive sit down eatery by Lenox Avenue:  LINK

Maharaja Palace: FDB/8th Avenue and 114th Street.  Minimalist sit down restaurant within the FDB corridor: LINK

Chapati House: Takeout (pictured) at Broadway roughly by 124th Street.  Some seating available: LINK

Royal Curry & Kabab: 112th on St. Nicholas for takeout orders only.  Kind of a whole in the wall but everything is new: LINK

Clove Indian: Amsterdam just north of 138th.  Possibly open in early 2014: LINK


  1. Dear Santa:

    Thank you for all the new restaurants in 2013. For Christmas may I please have: a thai restaurant, a diner, another mexican option, and, in central harlem, another pub like the Grange or Harlem Public and a ramen joint like Jin. Not to get greedy, but some more takeout lunch type places would also be great.

    Thank you!

  2. Yes, yes!! I always thought that we should have a thai restaurant in the area too (open for lunch please). A ramen joint would be perfect as well! There is a new coffee shop opening on FDB in a few months (same owner as Lenox Coffee), but I think we should have more. And I read a few weeks ago that they are opening a mexican at the corner of FDB and W115th St. Across the street, on the other corner they are opening a new restaurant probably this spring/summer. Both places already applied for liquor licenses and have the signs up.

  3. Also, Santa,

    North Harlem could use a really good sushi place.

  4. And a better grocery store!

  5. Bagels, PLEASE. Papaya, please get a few dozen bagels from Abolute Bagels, with some cream cheese.

  6. I had dinner at Red Chili Cafe the other night. It was insanely good! The owner was really nice too. I used to order from Indus Valley over on 100th and Broadway all the time, but this was way better. I was very pleasantly surprised. My recommendations: the saag paneer, chicken vindaloo, and pakoras. I'll be back again for sure.

  7. Dear Santa,

    Please bring small gourmet grocery store to Hamilton Heights. Gourmet Garage or something similar would be great. A diner would also be much appreciated.

    Thanks and merry Christmas.