Friday, January 24, 2014

☞ INTRODUCING: Double Dutch This Weekend

A big round of restaurant openings for 2014 seems to be at hand in the next coming weeks for Harlem.   We talked with the owner of Lenox Coffee last night and he casually mentioned that Double Dutch Espresso cafe on 118th and FDB/8th Avenue will have its soft opening this weekend.  The staff is currently finishing up the final touches on Friday and South Harlem should be able to get a good cup of coffee by Saturday morning.  More photos on the Bearded Lady Double Dutch Espresso Facebook site: LINK


  1. The soft opening on Saturday will be from noon until 5:00pm. The grand opening will officially be Sunday.

  2. Starting Sunday, Double Dutch will have regular hours from 8:00AM to 9:00PM.

    1. 7AM-7PM Monday - Friday
      8AM-7PM Sat and Sunday

  3. Stopped in for a latte today. The place is absolutely gorgeous, and just what this neighborhood needed. The owners did a downright perfect job with the design, and the staff was really friendly and informed. And, finally, a business with a name that references the neighborhood in a cute and clever way.

  4. So happy to see this coffee shop in the neighborhood. Coffee is excellent and as soon as the weather is better we are looking forward to sipping our beverages on the back patio.