Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Custom Fuel Pizza opened in South Harlem today to a decent crowd and we were able to get the first review in before lunch hour ended.  Everything we have heard about the DC chain turns out to be true and our first Custom pizza experience has left us curious on the variety of other offerings on the menu.

We just dropped by Custom Fuel Pizza at 123rd and FDB for their opening lunch service and this DC chain is definitely a great fit for the neighborhood.  All of the artisan pies are in the $7 range and the food along with the service is spot on.  As far as the size goes, each pizza is cut into 8 pieces and is definitely enough for one person or to split with two guests who just want a light bite.

The old storefront at this corner was your basic New York City slice joint but Custom Fuel has taken everything one step further.  Yes, there are flat screen television and big, light signage in the back but enough vintage charm is here to make one want to stick around.  Pies on the menu are individual size that come in classic offerings but also has the better end stuff.  These rectangular shape pizzas also have artisan combos such as Old Bay Shrimp, Gorgonzola Pear, BBQ Chicken and Bacon & Eggs.

We had the Bacon & Egg pizza hoping that the new staff could get the sunny side up egg right like they have on their website.  The pie tasted amazing with the balanced amount of char and chew one would expect even though the eggs ended up fully cooked into the cheese.   We will definitely come back to try the other combinations since the cost factor makes it easy to do so.

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