Friday, February 14, 2014

☞ INTRODUCING: Sugar Hill Market March 2014

Sugar Hill Market will be the name of the new Harlem flea and late winter boutique which takes its name from the high hill of Harlem where one can find the sweet life.  The concept of the curated market came about because there does not exist a space in Harlem for the many design and creative artisans living uptown to sell or market their goods.  This market will be aspirational and accessible like its neighborhood namesake which means it will have better offerings at reasonable price points for the most part.   Sugar Hill Market is a state of mind and not relegated to just one location in Harlem.  This new shop venue will move around to other locations in the future if the incubator takes off.  More updates and location details in the weeks to come on Harlem Bespoke and on the new site.

Check out the new website and make sure to join all of the social media listed currently to be in the loop for future updates: LINK

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