Monday, February 24, 2014


The Landmarks Preservation Commission is meeting with homeowners within the current Mount Morris Park Historic District today at the Head Start at Ascension Presbyterian Church on Mount Morris Park West to discuss the much talked about extension of the neighborhood.  Most of the protected area of Mount Morris Park is located between Lenox and the actual park but the extension would reach all the way west now to ACP/7th Avenue.  Below is part of the letter LPC has sent out prior to the meeting:

In 2013, Commission staff surveyed sections of the Mount Morris Neighborhood adjacent to the existing Mount Morris Park Historic District. The Commission staff identified boundaries they recommended should be brought forward for consideration as the extension of this district. Last Year on April 22, 2013, Commission staff presented information about the proposed historic district at a community meeting in your neighborhood.

On Monday, February 24, 2014 at 6:00pm, the Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association is holding a meeting at which Commission staff will again present information about the proposed historic district. If you were unable to attend last year's meeting, the February 24th meeting will provide another opportunity for you to learn about the proposed district and the Commission's designation and regulatory processes. If you would like more information, please contact Community Outreach Coordinator Michael Own at (212)- 669-7889 or by email at to arrange a meeting or a conference call to discuss the proposed historic district and potential regulatory impact on your property. 

We have been hearing about the Mount Morris Park Historic District Extension for several years now and it finally seems that LPC is seriously doing something about it.  Mount Morris Park was our Number 1 pick for best Harlem neighborhood in 2013 and deserves to be protected in a bigger way: LINK

The full PDF Map can be found here: LINK


  1. I am in the proposed area .. I dont really need information and am supportive of the initiative. Does anybody know if I should go just to express my support?

  2. We always suggest folks to show up for support in any meeting of this type for those who are not supportive also show up.

  3. That map of the proposed extension is maybe 6 months old and not quite accurate. The three brownstones just west of Lenox on the north side of 123rd are being included, and we at MMPCIA pushed for the building on the southwest corner of 118th & Lenox to be included as well (but I'm not sure about the status of that building).

  4. Are there any updates on how the meeting went? We are in the proposed area but were not able to attend last nights meeting.