Thursday, February 27, 2014


A former SRO brownstone just by Lenox Avenue has been gutted for quite some time at 107 West 118th Street and some neighbors might just be wondering what is to come along when the work finishes up. We have a picture the permit after the jump.

This building within the proposed Mount Morris Park Historic District Extension has now been gutted for some time and things appear to be moving rather slowly. Permits on the plywood out front has it that a conversion to a 4-family home has been approved if it all comes along as according to plan.  Luckily the current owner has not destroyed the unique facade which is a little more elaborate than the basic brownstone model found elsewhere.  Single family conversions are usually quicker in an SRO situation so the developer must be looking at future income revenue for this one since the multi-family layout is more time consuming.

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