Tuesday, March 4, 2014


The popular Jin Ramen on Broadway just below 125th Street announced a couple of months back that it will be opening up a new location about the same time they closed down their sister coffee shop Chokolat next door.  New signage up at that adjacent space now reveals that Jin is just basically expanding into the coffee shop space but keeping the cafe concept.

The new name now will be Jin Kissaten which basically takes the Japanese theme into coffee shop mode. The owners already have a tea shop just a couple of blocks south with baked goods so this one might have Japanese small bites from a shared kitchen to set it apart.  We like spin-offs with their own identity so having Jin still in the name is sort of a mixed blessing in our opinion.  Co-branding always seems the corporate way to go and not as specialized as having a new name completely.  Anyways, we only hope for the best since Jin has done so well since it opened.

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