Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A Bespoke reader was inquiring about the storefront at 398 West 145th Street that has been going under a decorative transformation between St. Nicholas and Convent Avenue.  From the poster that is currently up at the side gate out front,  we gather a new Edwardian inspired boutique eatery is not arriving soon.  More after the jump:

La Concinita Mexican Diner is apparently trying for an upgrade which will include rustic frescos on the wall inside.  A lot of latin eatery upgrades look like this in the neighborhood which focuses on the changing demographics moving in but somehow become a little overwrought for what's being served.  With prices under $10 for the most part, we think the diner could have just revamped the signage, added a tin ceiling, pendant lamps, subway tiles, retro window signage and hex tile floors for a cheaper reno (i.e. not a full gut) that would have attracted the new crowd on Sugar Hill.  Graphics also are important here so let's hope the menu gets cleaned up for a modern (but affordable) take on Mexican dining.  Check out the what the compact diner looked on the Concinita website: LINK


  1. Its not Mexican, it's Dominican.

    1. If you look at the top of the sign it says Spanish, Mexican and American Food. They probably should be more clear that they are Dominican if that is their specialty. Spanish involves so many countries, continents and cultures and thus Mexican sticks out the most here to our eye.

  2. I LOVE the food here, is it not going to have all the Dominican specials anymore? Those are the best! The 1/4 chicken, rice and beans are to die for. Really hope they don't up the prices and change the food. But, if they start serving drinks, that would be fun!