Friday, March 14, 2014


Jin Ramen in Manhttanville now has a sister coffee shop next door.  Jin Kissaten opened on Broadway just below 125th Street this week and will be offering up Japanese style cafe service.  Expect the usual brews and pastries but folks can also grab a donburi offering in the future along with other traditional Japanese bites that are a little more substantial.   We have not been inside yet but the space has mostly been painted darker with added filament light bulbs on the ceiling.

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  1. I absolutely love the new look of this place! They now serve Intelligencia coffee which is great, and still have a few pastries that were in the old cafe. I have also been there a couple of times for there Donburi's which they now have in the evening for takeout or to stay. I enjoyed the curry one best thus far. I can't wait for them to start serving lunch and sake!