Monday, May 12, 2014


Carvin's mini donuts has opened on the corner of Lenox and 129th Street over the weekend.  We dropped by the new spot over the weekend to check out what the freshly made treats were all about.  First of all, the service is really great and friendly here but what about the offerings at the new specialty shop?

The concept of mini-bites started in recent years with the idea of healthier eating paired with affordability.  This basically means having delicious food in low-calorie portions that would satisfy ones cravings and also be affordable. A set of 3 donuts start at $3 and each one is made to order.  We had the Bacon & Egg, the Caramel & Sea Salt and finally the Peanut Butter & Jelly to sample.  Overall, everything was much better than the more commercial chains on 125th Street and the donuts were very fresh. Out of the toppings, the Caramel & Sea Salt was the best that we tried and the rest was not bad either. With all that said, Carvin's is a solid addition to the Lenox corridor and is probably more comparable to a better food franchise like Pink Berry which indulges in a guilty pleasures but with a lesser calorie commitment.


  1. "Black Owned" as their sign side. Very important to know....

  2. I had some of these over the weekend. The donuts were very good, but there too much sea salt on them.

  3. The donuts are tasty, but 3 for $3? That's pretty insane, and I can afford it. They are literally an inch in diameter. The "maple" syrup they put on ours was NOT maple syrup. They insisted it was, but I KNOW maple syrup (I'm from Vermont) and I know the fake stuff (I'm a chef). So there you have it. It's nice to have gourmet foods popping up in Harlem, but the service was slow (yet kind) and the value was not good. I'm not asking for cheap donuts, but seriously, three tiny little bites for $3?? I can't imagine this is gonna work out.