Thursday, May 1, 2014


We received an inside tip that the new storefront over at 142nd and Edgecombe will be called Manhatanville Coffee.  This new condo conversion building has been finishing up over the past year and a substantial storefront appeared recently over a month ago.  Apparently things are finishing up and the new coffee shop will be open sometimes before summer.  On a side note, Manhattanville is technically in the mid 120s and early 130s with the border west of St. Nicholas.


  1. Looking interesting! Will be eager to try it out. A lot happening between 135th and 145th in west Harlem lately. I can count at least four new places opening:

    Manhattanville Coffee
    Grill on The Hill at Amsterdam and 140th (
    Hog's Head Tavern at Hamilton Place and 142nd
    Whatever's going in at 101 Edgecombe

    And that's joining Coccola Pizza and Hamilton Grange which I would consider relatively new.

  2. I cannot wait for the construction to end so I dont have to hear that noise from my apartment.

  3. Why not call it "Edgecombe Coffee" or "The Edge Coffee" or something like that - tying into the neighborhood? Manhattanville is more 125th Street in my mind. Anyway, welcome!

    1. Edge Cafe is already coming in at 101 Edgecombe

  4. Will anything ever open around 135th and Frederick Douglas? It is a Dessert and not a green to be found.

  5. Went to Manhattanville Coffee at Edgecombe for breakfasts in may 2016! It is a very very cool and hip place! Quiet. Full of people with their Macbook Airs and MacBook Pros and ipads and iphones! Seems to me like a little CENTRAL PERK (Friends reference) corner!